Lots of exciting things coming up for 2017!

I'm please to tell you that we've picked up a club sponsor! Volvo has made a generous donation to MBM and will be an official sponsor for 2017.


Volvo has been a consistent sponsor of cycling organizations and events in our area and we are grateful they have recognized MBM as an organization worthy of their support!

The annual membership meeting will be held in February this year. It is going to be important for members to step up and fill leadership positions. I am stepping down as President after 3 years at the post. MBM plays an important role in south central PA. It is a recognized organization and our mission of supporting trails and mountain biking has never been more important. Over the last three years the MBM board has focused the club's attention on supporting trails, youth cycling and local community cycling events. It is time for others to continue this effort.

On January 23rd I'll attend a meeting at DCNR headquarters in Caledonia to discuss the results of the Michaux Trail Study that was conducted this past year. I'll be sharing the results of the trail study and the upcoming meeting at DCNR at our annual MBM membership meeting so keep an eye out for meeting information and plan to attend.


Scott H., President, MBM



On an MBM club ride today I realized something. Mountain Bikers of Michaux is the beginner mountain bike club of Michaux. Why you say? Well, here are a few observations that support my point:

MBM posts rides in a public space that anyone can find and attend
MBM conducts rides from many points in Michaux State Forest providing new riders to the area with a great way to get to know the forest
MBM rides during the week are typically 7-10 miles and Sunday rides are typically 15-20 miles with opportunities to shorten the rides for new riders.
MBM actively supports the larger cycling community in our area with by means of participation, labor and funds.
MBM engages with DCNR which has oversight authority over all the trails ridden in Michaux State Forest and is seen as a consistent voice of the mountain bike community.

Just because we are the beginner mountain biking club in Michaux doesn't mean we don't have some of the most capable riders in our ranks. We do. Our focus, however, remains the points I've outlined above as well as other activities that support trails or mountain biking in general.

If you are not a member or MBM why not?!?!? Head on over to Bikereg.com to sign up for 2016. Joining MBM is a vote for mountain biking, trails, youth cycling and much more!

Here is the link:


All the best
Scott H., President MBM

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